Cocktail Bar

For those in the know, Rules bar has become one of the places to drink cocktails in London’

Upstairs at Rules –  our  reinvented cocktail bar where once Edward VII and his mistress Lillie Langtry   dined in private, has a reputation among aficionados  for being  one of the best kept  secrets in London; it is certainly  the place for those seeking a civilised bolt hole to enjoy perfectly balanced drinks in elegant but relaxing surroundings.  The plush red seating, hunting frieze and air of effortless style is the perfect backdrop to enjoy a drink before dining in the restaurant downstairs or to meet friends for one of the   house cocktails.

Chris Lacey’s…cocktails have a certain soft, lingering flavour. It is hard to describe, but utterly delicious

Our bar team, headed by Chris Lacey is well versed in crafting beautifully balanced classic cocktails as well as  having an ever evolving short list of ten bespoke in house creations.
Recognised in the national press as one of the top bars in London for its drinks and service. why not slip away from the outside world and into one of our Dry Martinis…

Guests can dine in the bar from the full restaurant menu from 12 noon to   4 pm daily and the bar is open midday to midnight.

King Edward Tin

King Edward VII & Queen Alexandra

A dark wood bar where the barmen expertly mix classic cocktails, a Martini (stirred never shaken), a Gimlet, a Bloody Mary on a Sunday afternoon. Understated glamour of a by-gone era and simple old fashioned elegance

THE COCKTAIL HOUR…by Bernard Barbuk. Restaurant Magazine.

…Rules has always done cocktails, without making a big deal of them, but now it will – with a reinvented cocktail bar which lets people enjoy a drink before, after or instead of serious feeding.

The mixologist’s  choice of standard cocktail glass, quite stubby and about 75ml capacity, is the size classic cocktails were meant to be.
His list contains just 10 cocktails. “Long lists confuse people,” he explains, “we’ll be able to make anything anybody asks for, without a modern twist. But these 10 are special to Rules.”

That ‘modern twist’ is also a Rules twist. All 10 recipes are his, with charachteristic touches (eau-de-vie, grapefruit, absinthe, the no-longer-made Cinzano Orancio), all with a base ingredient and between two and four other flavouring ingredients. Classic Cocktails ‘made the way they used to be made’.
No homemade infusions. No assortments of muddled berries. no ‘cocktail speak’ descriptions either. Another doctrine is: “Don’t try to be clever, just focus on making great drinks.”

The bar’s offer has to be special – an enhancement of the restaurant, not a competitor. The drinks list is separate and individual too – not least, old bottled liqueurs hunted down. “A cocktail bar isn’t about the cocktail per se, but the people who come into it and the drinks should be right for them.”
One of London’s best-known destinations.

From BR to Rules…Re Cocktail Bar

I have always been a fan of Classic Hotel Bars because of their devotion and care to the Classic Cocktails. As a fan of the Dry Martini, I believe it is the ultimate test as with only a couple of ingredients in this simple recipe, it has to rely on technique and an awful lot of care.

Your timing is impeccable as I feel the trend is for Classic Cocktails and they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The hottest bar in Sao Paulo, Brazil,  right now is called DRY and is all about Classic Cocktails.


15ml Tanqueray Gin
15ml Dubonnet
1 Sugar Cube
Angostura Bitters
Cremant de Bourgogne or sparkling wine of your choice

Method  Place the sugar cube into a chilled compete. Dowse with Angostura Bitters and pour on to the Tanqueray & Dubonnet.  Top with Cremant de Bourgogne and squeeze a few drops of fresh orange juice on top.


Cocktail Masterclass1 at RulesCocktail Masterclass at Rules

Cocktail Masterclass with Chris Lacey-Malvern

The Masterclasses are available for up to 4 people in a class @ £135 per person. The classes include basic bar techniques and at least 4 classic cocktails. each person will also learn to make a couple of cocktails of their own choosing, making each class totally unique and with only 4 in each class pretty exclusive too.

Contact Chris Lacey – Mobile No 07599832741 – Email